When A Death Occurs


When a death occurs, the first steps are often the hardest, the feeling of shock can be overwhelming. Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day to advise and guide you through all the stages of bereavement. Please Don’t hesitate to ring us on 0115 933 6906. 

Registering The Death - Unfortunately registering the death is something that the funeral director cannot do for you. In most cases this will have to be done by the next of kin or close relative, who should register the death at the registrars within the area where the death occurred. If the death occurs at home or in a rest home then the medical certificate that is required to register the death will be given to the relatives, by the GP of the deceased.

If The Death Occurs At Home - When the death occurs at home, your first call should be to the GP, who will confirm the death and issue you with a medical certificate. You can then make arrangements with the funeral director of your choice to take the deceased to their chapel of rest. Irrespective of the time of the day, our aim is to attend within the hour. If it is an unexpected or sudden death, the GP may contact the coroner which may result in the deceased being taken to the coroner’s mortuary for further investigation as to the cause of death. 

If the Death Occurs In Hospital - Depending on whether the deceased is to be buried or cremated, in most hospitals it is not possible for us to move the deceased to our chapel of rest until the hospital doctors have completed the necessary paperwork, and in some cases, until the death has been registered. 

When the death occurs in hospital and the cause of death is quite clear, the certificate will be available from the hospital. Should you have any queries or worries with regards to the paperwork and where to obtain it, please call us and we will guide you through the procedure step by step. 

If The Death Occurs In A Care Home - Where the death occurs in a rest home, the staff of the home will contact us on your behalf to transfer the deceased to our chapel of rest. It would be advisable to instruct the home as to your choice of funeral director, which they will keep on file to will avoid any unnecessary confusion.